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Bikes Are For All

You Are Welcome Here!

For us, riding a bike is about experiencing joy, creating memories, staying healthy, being outdoors, and enriching communities. You are welcome here no matter what. Every ability. Every gender. Every age. Every race. Every body. Bikes are for all. We’d be happy to help you find a bike that suits your lifestyle and budget while maximizing your riding fun! Check out our selection of styles and disciplines by shopping online or come to the store to visit us, we can't wait to meet you!


Get an extra boost of power while you pedal so you can get up hills with ease, ride longer distances, and have more fun than ever.


Gravel bikes give you confidence on a wide range of surfaces, including pavement, but ultimately they excel on dirt and gravel. These bikes are durable, have more tire clearance and optimize traction and comfort.


With a hybrid ride you won’t have to decide between road or trail. Hybrid bikes add a little bit of diversity to your path options with an ergonomically conscious design and an easy to ride vibe.


Road bikes satisfy a need for speed and are built with efficiency in mind. These machines are designed for performance with lightweight builds, advanced componentry, improved geometry and aerodynamics that give the rider the power to go the distance.


Fitness bikes offer a versatile set of options for everyone. You’ll be able to get a bike that gives you exactly what you need and can fit any budget. Get a reliable, comfortable and fun ride with a fitness bike.


You’ll be able to take your adventure up a notch with the right mountain bike. Hardtail, full suspension or fat bike - we have a wide selection for all types of trail lovers. Designed for rough and rocky terrain, these bikes will inspire you to keep riding in any condition. Get ready to explore more atop a mountain bike.